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ELT collective Launch Party

Erin Thompson

Thursday could not have been a more perfect night for our launch party. After a day filled with summer showers, the clouds parted to reveal a beautiful, cool night that was ideal for the party.

The launch took place in the industrial David Lusk Gallery on Hagan Street. A complex and colorful body of art complimented the simplicity of the bags. With food catered from Food and Company, guests enjoyed a light southern fare that paired well with the champagne and rosé. Though the gallery has high ceilings and concrete floors, the added décor created an intimate environment for guests to mingle.

Even at 7, people were gathering to celebrate the launch of ELT collective. The party lasted until after 9, when guests where still lingering and enjoying the company of others. Upbeat music and an excited crowd made the night one to remember.

The bags and their designer were praised for their uniqueness. Guests were amazed by the structure of the Division Circle, the versatility of the Norma Jean, and the adaptability of the Woodland.

We want to give a big thank you to everyone that helped with the party. We would not have been able to do it without you.

Photography By: Patrick Sheehan


What is in My Bag?

Erin Thompson

We’re back with another “What’s in my bag?”! This week, we wanted to show off some of our bag essentials. Life can get really busy sometimes, so having your hands free with the Woodlawn can make it easy to work and play. Thanks to the sewn in wallet, there is more space in your bag for other must haves, like the ones we have listed below.


S’well bottle: We use our small S’well for tea and coffee, the medium bottle for water, and the large for wine, of course.

Sunglasses: We love Quay Australia because they’re stylish, yet inexpensive. We can’t leave home without a pair of sunglasses.

Perfume: ‘Lipstick On’ by Replica is one of our favorites from this collection. It is the perfect scent for a date night. Just keep it in your Woodlawn and you’ll be ready for a casual night out!

Notebook: We keep a notebook with us so we can keep track of events, phone numbers, and special moments that occur throughout the day.

Birchbox: Birchbox is great because it gives us a change to try out new beauty products every month. In the box itself, we store some makeup and other small items.

What are your must haves?