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Meet Our Intern Mary

Erin Thompson


Meet our adorable intern Mary! She has been killing at ELT since December - you'll be seeing a lot more of her on our Instagram page, stories and at the studio! She is a Belmont Graduate and is currently looking for a job in Nashville in the blossoming field of Fashion. Snatch her up soon, people! 

Where are you from: I grew up in a tiny town called Bethel about 45 minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I think we have 3 street lights and the fanciest restaurant is a Frisch’s Big Boy. If you don’t know what that is just remember the scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil escapes in the spaceship shaped like a boy holding a burger. That’s Big Boy.


Any Nicknames: Stone Cold Kron, M&M


Why’d you move to Nashville: I grew up riding horses, so I came down here every summer to show for about 7 years. When it came time to apply to colleges I was already in love with Nashville and Belmont ended up being the perfect fit.


Where are you go to spots in Nashville:

Breakfast: Star Bagel

Lunch: Cafe Roze

Dinner: Love, Peace & Pho

Drinks: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

Dancing: 5 Spot for Motown Monday duh

Music: Also the 5 Spot


What is your background in Fashion: After college I spent a month in New York City working for Sam Edelman. I had the opportunity to work in public relations, marketing and wholesale while I was there. When I came back to Nashville I began working as an assistant for a start-up boutique called Milou Palm Beach based out of Palm Beach, FL. And now of course I’m at ELT :)


Favorite ELT bag: All of them but fav is definitely the Norma Jean


Favorite Color for Spring 2018: All pink everything always…forever.


Interesting Fact About You: I love making pottery and only cook to soul music.


Favorite Nashville Brands: ELT obviously, Ona Rex, Jamie + the Jones, Amanda Valentine, Natalie Busby

Showroom on Madison Opens Tomorrow!

Erin Thompson

Tomorrow is Opening Day at Showroom on Madison! See below for hours of operation, address and other participating brands. 

Open Thursday - Sunday, 10-7 and Monday 10-6. November 9 - December 27. Located at 500 Madison St, Suite 101 in Germantown. 

Participating Brands 


Clemmie Jewelry

ELT collective

Emily Phillips

Fanny & June

January Moon

Lilyan James

Married & Bright

Morton & Mabel

Ona Rex


The Suit Truck

Walker Jewelry

Xinh & Co.




ELT Holiday Gift Guide

Erin Thompson

We all know that Nashville is full of creatives heavily in the Fashion and Music Department. We are surrounded by so many talented fashion designers and we want you to get to know them too.

We are sharing our Holiday gift guide featuring items you can buy in Nashville - right now. We might be a little early, but we can't say we aren't prepared.

Add to Cart season is here. 


1. Amanda Valentine Pants                     5. Ranger Station Candle
2. Portmanteau Earrings                         6. Lemon Laine Oil Bar Experience
3. Plates at Wilder                                  7. ELT collective Woodland Backpack
4. Jamie and the Jones Scrap Dress      8. Ona Rex Top 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.51.44 PM.png