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Showroom Tour

Erin Thompson

A great showroom inspires a team while also providing a space comfortable enough to let creativity flow. Our newly designed space does just that. With unassuming shelves and a navy blue floor to add a touch of color, the showroom is the perfect place for ELT collective to grow. An environment with lots of natural light and greenery, the showroom is welcoming to all who enter. Just like the Woodland, the area is simple and fresh with just a hint of edginess that makes it a fun place to work.

The showroom shares a space with ELT collective’s owner and designer Erin Leigh Thompson’s father’s music studio. Located in the busy 12 South neighborhood, ELT collective is situated right in the beating heart of Music City.

ELT collective available for shopping by appointment only. Please contact

We’ve got some great photos to share of our new showroom. Take a look below.